Security Installations


An electric fence can be viewed as a first line of defense and is an extremely effective deterrent; it creates both a physical and psychological barrier, giving the impression that the operators of site do not regard security as a trivial issue. This has the effect of motivating all but the most determined intruders to move on to an unprotected site. Electric fencing is the ideal security solution for keeping your premises secure.



We install and maintain indoor, outdoor and covert CCTV systems.  For many of our clients, CCTV has proven itself successful in both deterring crime and capturing vital evidence of crime scenes and is an essential part of a solid security solution



We understand that home security can be daunting, but it need not be. Over the last 5 years, burglar alarms have evolved to meet the needs of home owners, becoming easier to use with smart features and options that are specifically designed to secure your home.  We can install wireless or wired alarm systems that is cost effective and easy to use.



The most obvious benefit of having an automatic gate is increased security. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their own home, and automatic gatesoften prove the best way to boost your security. With automatic gates, you as the homeowner are completely in control of what enters and leaves your property.



One of the major causes for further security is lack of control, not knowing when your assets are safe. With an access control solution, we can put the control back in your hands and allow you to secure your property, produce audit reports of staff movements and much more with ease.



For residences, door entry systems are excellent precautionary measures that enable you to deal with unannounced visitors or strangers from a safe distance.  We have a range of systems to suit all applications, from single station audio and video units to the latest in multi-station digital systems, from houses to apartment blocks.

For sites where cabling is prohibitive due to distance or cost, GSM call stations can be installed that contact apartments directly via their landline or mobile phone. So whether you are stuck in the bath, having a coffee or sightseeing on holiday you need not miss a visitor.



                             NETWORK INSTALLATIONS

We can install structured network cabling in almost any building from industrial units, offices and commercial premises to sports facilities and education establishments (Schools, Colleges, University and Training Suites). Whether you are a Solicitors firm requiring one of our services or perhaps an accountant’s office looking at our fibre optic range, we will always offer a solution to suit your requirements and budget.